The Galloway Family

Welcome to my family!

This is all about the best family in the world, the best that anybody could have ever asked for.  We have our health (most of the time) and our friends (all of the time) and a family that seems to get even bigger every time we turn around.  This whole ordeal has made us realize just how many lives that I have touched, how many people I have met throughout the years, and how much of an impact everyone has had on me.

I have been married to Kay Sell Galloway since August 28, 1971.  I met her at a high school basketball game, and the rest is history.  We have lived all over the US together, from the freezing cold 10 foot snow drifts of North Dakota to the hot muggy summers of Goldsboro, NC.  We made our home in Goldsboro beginning in 1981 and have loved it ever since.  Our 3 kids are all married, one lives in Kinston, NC, one in Apex, NC, and one in Goldsboro.  We are blessed to have them all so close to us, and they are always just a phone call away.

Missy is our oldest daughter, born at Andrews AFB in Washington D.C.  She is married to Shane Small and they have a beautiful 10 month old daughter (my only granddaughter) named Abigail (Abby).

Nick is our only son, born at Offutt AFB in Omaha, NE.  He is married to Stacie Boone Galloway.

Becky is our youngest, born here at Seymour Johnson AFB.  She is married to James Jacobs and they have 2 sons that love their grandparents, Gabriel is 5 years old and Caleb is 3 years old.