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Welcome to Kay Galloway's page!

Everyone probably knows me (Dave) pretty well by now, but meet the incredible woman behind me; Kay Galloway is the one that has spent night and day by my side, the one that has pushed me this far. 

Dave and I met on February 6, 1968.  I had gone to a basketball game with a friend, hoping to meet up with another boy.  He never showed up and I decided I would throw popcorn at Bob Miller, a friend I had known probably all my life.  As luck would have it, I hit this nerd beside him and he thought I was throwing popcorn at him.  He gave me the goofiest grin I had ever seen.  The next day, Bob introduced us and later I told Bob to tell Dave, I wasn't interested.   That wasn't a good enough answer for Dave and he started calling me.  He asked me to go to the Sweetheart Dance with him and I told my mother, I would only go out with him one time.  I fell in love with his beautiful blue eyes.  Well, as you know the rest is history. 

We married on August 28, 1971 and over the next several years moved so much that our parents had to write our address in their address books in pencil. 

Becky's 5 year vow renewal

In May of 1977, our first child, Melissa  Kay (Missy for short) was born.  She  was so beautiful and an angel of a baby.

Three months later we were on our way to Nebraska, stationed at Offutt AFB.  In June of 1979, our second child, Nicholas Brian (Nick for short and Brian after Dave's middle name) was born.  If he had been born first, there probably would have only been one child. 

We moved to Goldsboro, NC in October 1981.  We fell in love with the small town, and friendly people the first day we got here.  In February of 1984, our  surprise child, Rebecca Marie (Becky for short after my mom and Marie after Dave's mom) was born.  We should have named her Drama Queen. 

we still dance, and he still steps on my feet!

October 2001, Dave and I became grandparents for the first time.  Gabriel Brian was born.  There is something about a grandchild that just melts your heart and warms your soul.  Gabe is a child who wants to please everyone.  He told me recently that he loved his Pappy "all the way to the sky and back again and all the way to Christmas."

Caleb was born in November of 2003.  I thought he would be a quiet child.  Oh, was I mistaken.  Caleb is just like his Uncle Nick - perpetual motion as someone used to say about Nick.  Caleb has a laugh that is contagious and always a mischievous twinkle in his big blue eyes.

Then came Abigail Grace (Abby for short).  What a beautiful little girl.  Her other grandmother prayed for long eyelashes while we were waiting for Abby to be born.  The next day when the nurse brought her in to Missy, she said she had never seen eyelashes on a baby that were so long.  She will break someone's heart some day.

isn't she precious?

2006 was a rough year for us.  My mom had been sick most of the year but got really bad in August.  We made several trips up to Maryland to see her.  She died October 31.  Dave and I made several trips up there to take care of things and had just recently got back from a trip when he was involved in a terrible accident on December 14. 

2007 will be a wondeful year for the Galloway family.  We have gone through more than most families ever go through and have come out on top.  We are one of the lucky families on the 4th floor in the North Tower at Pitt Memorial.  Many families haven't been so lucky.  Christmas, 2007, we can look back and thank God we are all still here together.  There is nothing more precious than a family.

Dave's dad Bernie with Frank and Scott

Luckiest Grandparents alive


and the precious grandkids...





"Grace? She passed away 30 years ago."
"They want you to say grace. The blessing!"
"I pledge allegiance to the flag..."