Baltimore, MD · Cumberland, MD · Youngstown, OH · Pottstown, PA

Grand Forks, ND · Eskisehir, Turkey · Washington DC · Omaha, NE

Goldsboro, NC · Saudi Arabia · Lagrange, NC



To touch as many lives as possible, in as many ways as possible, in as little times as it takes

Awesome Husband

  • Married to Kay Galloway for 35+ great years, wondering how she puts up with me
  • Met Kay when she was throwing popcorn at a less-handsome boy and my incredible attractive powers curved the popcorn my way; she couldn't resist me afterwards (another side-effect of said attractive powers)
Incredible Father
  • Father to Melissa Galloway Small (29 years) and husband Shane Small (4 years)
  • Father to Nicholas Galloway (27 years) and wife Stacie Boone Galloway (2 ½ years)
  • Father to Rebecca Galloway Jacobs (22 years) and husband James Jacobs (5 years)
Fastest Grandfather and Incredible Spiderman Impersonator
  • Pap-pap to Gabriel Jacobs (5 years) and Caleb Jacobs (3 years)
  • Da da da da da da da to Abigail Small (8 months)
Responsible Son, Brother, and Brother-in-Law

Father-Figure to Many

  • Many people all over the world know and love me
  • Others will meet me and more than likely remember me


Seymour Johnson AFB Chapel, 1981-Present
  • Taught to live, love, and respect according to God's command, starting at birth
  • Raised my family in the same manner and they have all seen the workings of God

Store Manager of Noble Shoe Store at 20 years old

Life Insurance Salesman, Prudential Insurance

United States Air Force, Retired Master Sergeant (I blame them for my hair loss - it never grew back when they shaved it - but my son is taking full credit for it)
  • Security Police, NCOIC of Claims office, NCOIC of Legal Office
Claims Adjuster, Insurance Valuations and Inspections

United States Post Office (for 8 whole days)

NC Motorcycle Safety Education Program Director

  • Teaching motorcycle safety and directing a program with this initiative
  • Training instructors all over the state of NC
  • Speaking on behalf of NCMSEP to promote motorcycle safety and the benefits of the current helmet laws in NC

Thanking God giving me the greatest family possible and for my great health

Unspoken but unanimous President of Seyboro Cyclists

  • Not only am I the president, but I'm also a very active member
  • I have never lost an election. Well, I guess I've received 100% of the votes that have ever been cast
  • The only existing member of the 100,000 mile club, joined in 2005 (it's a pretty lonely club, what are you guys waiting on)
  • I ride more miles on my bicycle every year than I drive on my car, just because it's more fun and you can't pedal a car very easily
  • I've ridden all over the US, been to the tops of many mountains (including Grandfather Mountain, Roan Mountain, and Mt. Mitchell; I'm usually chasing my even faster son up those mountains) and to the bottom of many hills (going down is so much easier than going up)
Singing Bob Seger songs or anything else I can drum to on the dashboard (or handlebars)
  • My family will tell you that I sing off key, but I think the louder I sing the better I sound
  • I can play mean "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" and "Wipeout" drum solo on my chest
  • Playing the air-drums in concert with my grandsons singing and jumping on the bed to "Rollin' (The Ballad of Big & Rich)"
Dinosaur hunts

Motorcycle racing (the slow kind with the grandkids, they always beat me too)

Motorcycle Riding

Bicycle riding again

Reading, mostly murder mysteries and other crimes

Watching and inevitably quoting "Seinfeld" reruns.  "Did you ever see the Seinfeld where..."

Sudoku puzzles

Member of Sunrise Kiwanis, Goldsboro, NC

Former Guardian ad Litem

Former Board of Directors, Seymour Johnson Federal Credit Union




  • alfa lalfangualfage spolfokelfen bylfy olfonly trulfue Galfallowalfays, alfand ulfunderstoolfood byly alfa selfelect felew (translation: "a language only spoken by true Galloways and understood by a select few"