progress report from home


Wednesday, October 17, 2007
First things first...Oh So Diesel Dave is getting more diesel by the day.  He has been caught out riding a couple of times now with the famed Seyboro Cyclists.  They have been coming by the house on their normal rides and picking up the old man, then taking him out for about a 7 mile loop.  Cycling is about the only thing he can do where his knee doesn't bother him.  I suppose this is a reminder of when he showed up in South Carolina for the NC/SC State Championships Time Trial on crutches, hobbled up to the registration line, and still blew away most of the field with a 58 minute 40 kilometer time trial (25+ Miles/hour average)!!!  You just can't keep the man down...

In other news, Diesel Dave and myself both made it up to Lincoln, Nebraska to see some history in the making at Memorial Stadium on October 13.  You may remember that both of us are fans of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  Shortly after his accident I found out that I would be able to get some Nebraska tickets, and we chose the homecoming game against Oklahoma State to go to.  They recognized the 1997 National Championship team before the game, and the honorable Dr. Tom Osborne was in attendance to lead them onto the field.  Memorial Stadium and the Nebraska University campus are magnificent places that you have to see to believe.  The score of the game was a different story, as it ulitmately led to the firing of NU's Athletic Director Steve Pederson and the rehiring of Tom Osborne as the interim AD, but it was so much fun the score didn't matter too much.  But enough about football...

The entire trip was so much fun and definitely adventurous.  We were able to see Offutt AFB where our family lived for a few years before moving to Goldsboro.  We saw Papillion, NE where I was born.  We got locked out of our hotel room.  We had a "choose your own adventure" drive from Lincoln to Omaha.  We ate some real, corn-fed, delicious ribeye steaks.  And of course we saw corn, lots of corn.  Oh the fun that can be had when out and about with Dave Galloway. 


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Monday, October 8, 2007
Wow, it's been a long time since I've written in here, but it's only because things have been going fairly well for Diesel Dave Galloway.  DDG has managed to stay out of the hospital for more than a month now (it's got to be a record, knock on wood...)!

Dad has been able to get around much better lately.  He has been driving his own car, including putting the new wheels in and out of the trunk by himself.  He has even been riding his new 3 wheel recumbent bicycle every day, averaging a few miles/day.  Watch out Seyboro's, he's doing some hardcore training and will be kicking butt in the weekly time trials in a few weeks time!

This weekend is the great Nebraska trip...we fly out to Omaha on Friday to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers take on Oklahoma State.  We'll keep you posted on the score.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Well, DDG is out of the hospital for a few days.  He actually came home last Friday, Sept 7, after only a 2 night stay.  The determined that the infection was probably a surface infection, and not in the bone or the plate like they had originally feared.  They gave him a new pic line and put him on Vancomycin again for a few weeks.  As of Monday, his leg had already started looking much better.

Thursday, September 6, 2007
Well, DDG was admitted to the hospital again yesterday evening.  He had a swelling and redness (he's so used to spotting it now) in his right leg near where he had the plate inserted.  Dr. Barsanti said that it was an infection, and they will start him on the Vancomycin again.  They had previously stopped the Vanc and put him on a pill antibiotic, but it looks like that may not have been strong enough.  It doesn't look like he'll be in the hospital long, but please keep him in your prayers.

Thursday, August 30, 2007
Davey G. has a fast new ride!  Keep your eyes out for it.  But don't blink, because he's getting faster by the minute!  Pretty soon it will all be a blurrrrrrrrrrr

In other news, DDG has been pushing himself more and more lately.  He refuses to take his wheelchair into rehab with him.  Instead he WALKS into the building from the car and gets one of the rehab wheelchairs when he gets inside.  Pretty soon he probably won't even need to do that.  It's pretty painful for him when he does walk, but we know he's tough, he can handle pain. 

Sunday, August 19, 2007
Things have slowly started coming back together for DDG.  He has had a tough time getting back to where he was before his string of setbacks (surgery, dog bite, infection, surgery, surgery, infection #2...).  Now that he is allowed to put more weight on his right leg he is able to begin walking some.  That helps him out with the little things like getting in and out of the car and in and out of bed.  He still has a good amount of pain in his knee where he had the infection.  His therapy is going pretty well; the therapists all make him work hard to make up for the time that he lost with his surgeries, but we all know how much he loves pain!

We will be flying to Omaha to take in the sights of Memorial Stadium in October, watching the Cornhuskers take on Oklahoma State.  We were able to get some tickets from the good folks in Nebraska.  It is going to be a very exciting time for both DDG and Nick!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007
Well DDG is finally out of the hospital.  Again.  They put a new PIC line in him today, and he will now be on 2 different antibiotics.  He will continue with the Vancomycin and he's also on another for his newest infection.  It appears that it wasn't only the Vancomycin that was making him feel so sick, but that he likely had this blood infection the whole time, which caused his lethargy.

And even better news than that??  Dr. Barsanti took some x-rays of DDG's broken leg and said that it is healing nicely.  He can now put up to 50% of his weight on that leg, which means he can probably start using the cane again once he gets his strength back.  Indefatigable.

Friday, August 3, 2007
Well, once again, DDG has been admitted to the hospital.  He was trying to give himself his antibiotic through his PIC line last night, when he noticed that it was clogged.  The other line had been clogged since he got home from the hospital, so they called home health and hospice to send a nurse to check it out, but she wasn't able to do anything with it. 

DDG was complaining of being extremely cold for the last day although he wasn't running a fever.  Since his PIC line was clogged and he was feeling cold, they decided to admit him to Pitt immediately.  After he got there, they gave him some blood thinners in his PIC lines to help unclog them.  About 10 minutes after they got them clear, he started shaking uncontrollably and got extremely cold.  That finally subsided after about 10 minutes, and infectious diseases said there must have been an infection in the lines that went directly into his blood stream when they got the lines clear.  They removed his current lines but they cannot replace those for 48 hours, so they will wait until Monday to do anything.  He will probably be in the hospital for a few days after that as well to monitor the infection.

The Vancomycin that he is on has been making him feel very lethargic.  Some doctors have compared this drug to chemotherapy.  It makes him really tired and nauseous.  As if he hasn't been through enough lately...

Sunday, July 29, 2007
The past few days have been pretty tough and tiring for DDG, and he's more than ready to go back home after 3 long weeks in the hospital.  He has been working back up to getting in and out of his wheelchair on his own; it's amazing how much he's lost in just the past 3 weeks.  But it's slowly coming back to him and he's been able to do more and more every day.  It looks like the doctors are going to reelase him tomorrow to send him home.

DDG will likely be confined mostly to a bed for the first few days.  I'm sure that will be OK with him, as he catches up on rest without a nurse coming in and taking blood, taking his blood pressure, temperature, etc every hour.  He still won't be allowed to bear any weight on his right leg until after he's gone back to the doctor in a few weeks.  His right leg has about 40 staples in it right now from the surgery last Wednesday.

I'm not sure when he'll begin going back to physical therapy.  As much as it's going to hurt him to go back, I know that he's ready to get the ball rolling again and start doing things on his own.  He had made so much progress before the incident with the dog and the resulting infection, and he we all want him to get back on that track.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007
It looks like the surgery went well today.  They did not find any infection in his knee, however they did find a lot of clotted blood in his knee from where they had done the surgery 2 weeks ago.  he was in a lot of pain after the surgery, but that's nothing new to him...

DDG decided yesterday that he had been through enough the past few weeks and soon found himself getting out of bed into his wheelchair.  He wasn't able to move around very much, but the point is that he was not in that darn bed that he's been in for so long!  It was pretty painful on his back just to move like that, but he sucked it up because he knows that he's got to do it sometime.  His back has started feeling better the past few days, maybe due to resting it and having the fluid removed from that area.

Monday, July 23, 2007
Dr. Brown visited DDG today and looked at his right knee (the one that had the infection) and recommended that they operate again on Wednesday.  His knee is still very swollen and hot to the touch, and he can't straighten that leg completely.

He has had a team of doctors reviewing his case to try to determine what is causing the intense pain in his back.  They have discovered that he has some calcification of the soft tissue in his pelvis (heterotopic ossification).  This is the same problem that caused his elbow to freeze up.  Dr. Barsanti, his orthopedic surgeon, and the folks in radiology are somewhat certain that the H.O. is rubbing up against some muscle tissue, causing the muscle to become inflamed and causing the extreme pain.  If this is the case, it would appear that his knee infection and his lower back/upper leg pain are completely unrelated.  On an optimistic front, it's a really good thing that he was in the hospital when he originally came down with the pain in his back.  Otherwise we're not sure what we would have done because the pain was so bad, it would have been very difficult to get him to the hospital, and he would not have had the proper pain medicine to give him any relief.

The fluid that they removed from his back late last week still has not turned into an infection, so they don't believe that the infection has spread into his pelvis.  They were going to attempt to put a drain in his back to assist in removing that fluid, but radiology denied the request, stating that they had aspirated all of it when they removed the sample.

They had to give him a transfusion of 2 pints of blood last night.  His blood numbers have been slowly decreasing, probably because he lost some in his surgery last week and they have been taking so much to run their tests.

Saturday, July 21, 2007
So the 2nd MRI that was done on Thursday showed what appeard to be an infection in his pelvis/lower back/upper thigh area.  They withdrew a sample and are culturing it right now.  Although his temperature seemed to break and DDG started feeling a little bit better when they removed it, the culture does not seem to show an infection.  There is still a possibility that it will, but only time will tell.  There also seems to be a calcification of the soft tissue in his pelvis, the same type that has permanently locked up his elbow.  A spinal surgeon will be visiting DDG to see if maybe something in his spine (he originally had a broken vertebrae) is out of alignment, but since this is the weekend it will probably be Monday at the earliest.

Dad got to meet Dr. Wooten yesterday, who was one of the original surgeons that operated on his elbow to keep putting it back in the socket.  They discussed some possibilities for his elbow in the future, but it looks like he may be better off leaving it the way that it is now.

Hopefully we will have more and better news by Monday on exactly what has been going on in the old man's body.

Thursday, July 19, 2007
Well, the MRI finally got done last night, but when the doctor read the results this morning, it didn't look like there was an infection in his pelvis.  At this poing, they are not sure what is wrong or why he is in such intense pain.  They are planning another MRI today, and hopefully he won't get bumped for 3 days again. 

I haven't made it down to see him, but it seems as if he is very uncomfortable from the pain, and nothing really seems to work well enough or for long enough.  He also seems to get very tired very easily, probably from the combination of pain and the medication.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Well, more than a week after going to the hospital for pain in his knee, DDG is still there.  He woke up the other night in extreme pain (comparable to getting hit by a car??) in his upper thigh/hamstring area, and had to call the nurse for some pain meds.  They finally got him on some morphine but it didn't seem to work very well.  They ran several tests throughout the day including an ultrasound, a CT Scan, and planned to run an MRI.  The doctor's belief was that his infection had spread into his pelvic area where he also has some screws and plates.  They are going to try to draw some of the fluid out to see if this is what was causing his pain.  If that is the case, it probably means another surgery where they will cut him open and remove this infection. 

They have not started him on any medicine to thicken his blood yet, so the surgery will not be scheduled before tomorrow, if they are going to do it at all.  I should have more details later today.

Monday, July 16, 2007
Dad is hoping that he will be able to come home tomorrow.  They are trying to sort out his antibiotic prescription before they release him, but hopefully will have that figured out by tomorrow afternoon.

The antibiotics that he was on were making him feel very under-the-weather yesterday, with flu-like symptoms, a headache, if he hasn't been through enough already.  He will need to be on antibiotics for several more weeks in order to make sure the infection is completely gone.

Thursday, July 12, 2007
DDG is out of surgery, they finished up about 6:00PM.  They believe they got most/all of the infection when they cut open his knee, and they didn't have to remove the screws in his knee.  He was pretty groggy and had a sore throat from the surgery when I called this evening, so I havne't been able to talk to him, but mom said that he was doing pretty good.

There will likely have to be some at-home treatment and lots of meciation to help fight off the infection, probably for several weeks to come. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Dad's surgery is cancelled for today due to his blood still being too thin.  They will reschedule, but we're not sure when yet.  As of this afternoon, he still had not been released from the hospital, and they may keep him in until they can do the surgery since he is in so much pain.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
The indefatigable DDG is back in the hospital...

He has been complaining of swelling and pain in his right knee for the past few days.  Over the weekend he was seen in the emergency room where he found out he has a non-life threatening blood clot.  This may have been caused by the last time he had surgery since he had to be off of his blood thinners for a few days prior.

However, when the pain seemed to get worse, he made an appointment with Dr. Barsanti.  After some questions and answers and a syring full of nasty stuff removed from his knee, they determined that his recent dog bite (don't ask...) had caused an infection.  The infection sought out anything foreign, and apparently it liked the titanium screws in his knee (how could anything besides a bacteria enjoy titanium - it's heavy, expensive, doesn't offer a smooth ride, flexes...?).  It ended up resting in his knee and festering.  I told the doc to use carbon because it was superior...

There are a few options on what they will do tomorrow, but ultimately they will cut him open and remove the infection from his knee.  No telling how long he'll be in, but stay tuned to the website for details.

If it weren't for this mishap, he would have been in the yellow jersey by this Sunday!

Sunday, July 1, 2007
I've been meaning to make a post for the past week, but I guess I've just gotten out of the habit of needing to put things on the website.  I see that as a good thing.

Dad had an appointment with Dr. Barsanti on Tuesday for more x-rays and to have the staples removed from his leg.  He hoped that he would be given permission to start walking again, since he had gotten used to using the walker and cane, and now he's back to being stuck in the darn chair.  However, even though the x-rays looked very good and the surgery seems to have gone well, he's got to be off his leg for another 4 weeks.  At that point he will go back to the doctor again and maybe be given permission to put more weight on it.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Well apparently the surgery had gone very well, and the x-rays showed significant improvement in the straightness of his bones.  All of the breaks had been straightened and then an 8" plate attached to the bone, screwed down in 3 places.  No wonder it was burning so bad for a few days afterwards!  It is still a little painful, but he's a tough guy and he can take it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dad is home from the hospital.  He was released around 12:00 today.

Dad has had a few good, boring days in the hospital.  He woke up in a considerable amount of pain yesterday but the morphine worked quickly.  He was able to get out of bed into his wheelchair for a little while too, although he is still restricted from putting any weight on that leg.  Last night was a little bit better, with stronger pain meds that helped him sleep most of the night.

Pending his bloodwork today, he should be released around lunchtime.  He saw his leg today when they changed the bandage and said there was a pretty impressive 8" incision with staples.  That should leave a nice scar - and chicks dig scars!

Monday, June 11, 2007
Uh oh, he's got a button that he can push whenever he wants, and it shoots him with morphine.  Minutes later, pain free.  Ahh, good stuff.  He's ready to get out of this bed already, but they've told him he's not allowed out for 24 hours. 

We realized today that we should have timed him wheeling from therapy to the cafeteria back in March when he was in therapy and just learning to "drive".  Then he could show off his wicked wheelchair skillz now and show how much better his time was, somewhat like a time-trial.  Some of the therapists were more than happy to come visit him when they heard he was back for a short stint, and they still think he's the best patient ever.  Was there ever a doubt?

Dad is now in a normal room, groggy and in some pain.  He woke up feeling like he had been "hobbled" by Kathy Bates, but after 3 units of morphine, he was feeellallinnnnnng  muucccchchhch bettaaa.  Caan I g gat schlmoree ooof thatt sstuffff leease?

He's sleeping now, so we'll probably be able to go back after lunch to see him again.

Update 8:30am
Dad's out of surgery.  Dr. Barsanti decided that he would put a plate in his leg instead of the rods.  He described making about a 5 inch incision where he inserted the plate.  He didn't want to do the rods because there is a risk of infection in the bone after having external fixaters.  Why he didn't tell us this before, we don't know, but we are certain that this was the best thing for him at this time.  He will be in recovery for about an hour and we should get to see him at that time.

Update 7:30am:
3:00am - Alarm.  Geez it's early, what are we doing up.
4:00am - Drive to Greenville.  This looks familiar...
5:00am - Hurry up and wait.
6:00am - Dad's dressed in a fashionable purple paisley print gown.  Good thing he's laying down.

They took dad about 6:30 and planned on taking him in for surgery first.  I'm sure he's a little bit nervous, we all are.  It's really no big deal considering all that he's been through in the past 6 months, but it is still a small step backwards.  He will be non-weight bearing, possibly for a few weeks.  Then again, a Nissan Altima once tried to take him off his feet, and we see that didn't last long.

He's now been in 26 minutes (7:49am).  I will update the site as we get more information about his surgery.  Please check back soon!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Dad found out today that he will be having surgery on Monday, June 11.  His orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Barsanti, will either insert a rod in the bone or will put plates on both sides of the bone.  He will not know exactly what he is doing until he gets in and examines everything.  This is what they had originally wanted to do, but the leg was broken too bad and in too many places to do the surgery at the time.

He will probably be in the hospital for 2 days after the surgery.  Soon after that, he will begin training on his new recumbent bike that he ordered today, so look out guys!  All this titanium is making him unbreakable!


Monday, May 28, 2007
A Message From Dave:

Well, it looks like I'm gonna need surgery on my leg.  Saw the ortho doc in Greenville today to get the CT scan results.  The bone isn't healing, so they will most likely do surgery and put plates on both sides of the bone.  There will be no stopping me then!  Just a temporary setback.  It's going to be back to square one for a while, no weight on the leg, etc.  But in the long run I think this will be the best fix for my leg.  He showed me the xray up close, and it was scary to see; looked like the bone broke in about 10 different places.  They don't have a date scheduled yet, but I hope it will be soon.

It won't stop me; I am thinking about ordering the recumbent within the next few days, and just strapping the right foot onto the pedal, but not using it.  I'll start out just trying to power myself up and down the driveway using my left leg.  Got to do something soon, I'm going crazy without riding.

Had a funny experience today in rehab.  Frank went with me, along with our old friend, Karl Gerschutz who was in town.  Frank and Karl were both dressed in suits, and Frank told the gals in Rehab that they were my bodyguards.  Well, the gals had me in tears from pain, like they always do, and my "bodyguards" just sat by and watched.  Frank took a few pictures.  After they left, the gals told me I'd better get some better bodyguards.

Hope to see you all soon. 


Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Dad went to see his orthopedic surgeon again yesterday, with the hopes that they would remove his cast.  Without the cast he would have much more mobility and be able to start doing some other things.  However, the x-rays showed little difference from the last time they checked a month ago.  The doctor felt like it was positive that the leg had not gotten any worse.  It's one of those things that won't heal without using it, but he can't use it much until it's healed.

They did replace the cast with an NC State red one.  However, he was having sharp pains in his chin every time he tried to use that leg at all.  He went back to the doctor today, where they did some more x-rays and a CT scan to determine why he would have been having more pain than before.  The results should be back in a few days.  They removed the cast again and replaced it with a removable splint, so at least he can take a shower without having to put a bag over that leg.

Saturday, May 12, 2007
Dad started walking with a cane in therapy this week.  He had bought a cane a couple weeks ago, but his therapists told him that he should not be using anything besides his walker because he wasn't ready.  Wrong answer.  If you challenge him, he will win. 

He had only been using the cane to get in and out of tight places, but as soon as they gave him the go ahead in therapy, he started using it more often.  He walked into a restaurant using it, he walks from machine to machine at therapy.  He's able to walk about 50 feet at a time, but it aint pretty.  The more he does it, the easier it gets.  His challenge to himself was that he would be walking by the end of May, and it's not even the 3rd week yet!

Thursday, May 3, 2007
I found out today that dad has not had to use his transfer board for about a week now.  He is able to squat and pivot on his good leg for most activities that require transferring from his wheelchair.  It certainly makes getting into the car much easier, as well as other tasks like moving to and from a more comfortable chair.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007
He looked around, and nobody was looking at him.  He walked outside, still nobody was around.  He opened the drivers door, and nobody heard him.  He was like a teenager, sneaking out of the house, being so careful not to get caught.  Once he was in the car, ignition started, and down the road, he didn't care if everyone ran after him.  He was finally free!

In other words, dad got into his own car a few nights ago and drove around the block.  It wasn't easy, but it wasn't impossible.  He used his left leg for the gas and the brake.  He didn't have the quick movements that would allow everyday driving, but it certainly was a taste of freedom that he has been missing for the past 4.5 months.  It was a small step back to "normalcy" as we all once knew it.

Dad's therapy is going pretty well, and he is impressing all of his therapists once again.  I don't think he's ever met anyone that wasn't impressed with his kindness and determination.  He has begun putting weight onto his right leg, but understands that it's going to be some time before he's able to walk completely on his own.  He hopes to have the cast removed sometime in the next couple weeks.  They should do some tests at that point to determine the nerve damage that he has sustained.

Monday, April 23, 2007
The man is a machine!  He continues to impress so many people in so many ways.

Dad had his rehab today at Wayne Memorial.  Instead of his normal routine of getting out of the car into his wheelchair, he decided to walk in to his appointment with his walker.  Then afterwards, he walked back out to the car, sans wheelchair again. 

I hope he's doesn't mind me bragging on him on the website, but he really makes us all so proud.  He has really come a long way, even over the past few weeks.  He is able to lift and move his right leg a little bit more each day.  It won't be long before he's out there on the bike again (both the motor powered and leg powered types), kicking butt and taking names, as well as welcoming new cyclists to the sport and getting them broken in gently.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Dad went to Greenville to see his Orthopedic Surgeon today about his right leg.  They did not remove the cast completely like Dad had hoped, but they did change it and put a "walking cast" on it, which is a little bit shorter and has a shoe on it.  They also gave him permission to begin bearing a little bit of weight on it, as much as he was able to put up with.  He will need help from his therapists to do this, but it's definitely a start!

Monday, April 16, 2007
A letter from Dave:

I am home from the hospital!  I was released from Pitt Memorial on March 28th.

Returning home has proven to be quite an emotional roller coaster.  It is great to be back with family and friends again.  But I was not prepared for the many obstacles that would face me.  Since the doctors brought me back to reality in mid-January, one of my greatest wishes was to return home; to get back into familiar territory.  For some reason, I was thinking that when I got home, everything would be "normal" again.  Perhaps I thought I would be back where I was on December 13th, the day before my accident.  Looking back, I realize how crazy it was to feel that way, but the mind plays funny tricks on us. I am still confined to a wheelchair for the foreseeable future, still having to depend on my Dad and Kay to help me with most of life's mundane tasks.  As my daughter Becky has said, there will need to be a new definition of "normal" in my life.  I'm doing my best to deal with these issues.

Emotional issues aside, my recovery continues to move forward, though not as quickly as I would like.  Kay keeps telling me to take one day at a time, and she is right.  My biggest physical obstacles are my left arm and right leg.  I'm attending physical and occupational therapy three times a week, and the long term prognosis is that I'll eventually recover partial use of the limbs. The cast is due to come off my leg on about May 1st, and that will be followed by nerve testing to ascertain the extent of nerve damage. 

I am still determined to climb back on a bicycle and motorcycle.

I have decided to keep the website up and running for a few more months, though the updates will be less frequent.  But as things change and progress, I'll ask Nick to update.

I want to give my heartfelt thanks to all of my family and friends for your unwavering prayers and support during my recovery.  Since the day of my accident, through the first few weeks in which the doctors thought I might die, and followed by the many, many weeks of recovery and rehab, you have all been there for me.  You will never know how much you lifted me and helped to keep me alive, and I can never repay that debt to you. 

And to my beautiful wife, what can I say, except I love you so much.  You showed such strength during this crisis, and you continue to struggle today to help me through my recovery.  It can't be easy for you, having to wait on me constantly to do the things I can't do myself.  And to my beautiful children, who stood by your Mom's side throughout the ordeal.  There is no stronger bond than that of family.  You have all proved it.

Lastly, let me give thanks to God, who had control of the situation from the very beginning.  Don't ever doubt the power of prayer.  You, my family and friends, have proved that prayers can be answered.  And please continue to keep me in your prayers as I go through therapy.

Sunday, April 8, 2007 9:30 PM
It has been quite some time since I have put out an update, but that's only because things are finally starting to settle down after dad's move back home.

Dad is starting to get back to doing some of the things that he loves; just not necessarily the way that he loves to do them.  He has been able to go out to some of the group bike rides and see everyone before they depart, and he even took a strong pull off the front of one of the rides (albeit in a car, but it was still a pull)!  He began therapy this past week, and just like anywhere that he goes, the therapists love him already. 

He is getting a little more used to doing things around the house.  It was kind of difficult at first to move around the house and to do some things that he was getting help with before.  Some things continue to be challenging with the limited use of his left arm and right leg.  Currently, his left arm is "fused" into place at a 90o angle, with about 1 inch of movement.  This is from the way that his arm had to be repaired when it wouldn't stay in place, and the soft tissue calcified into bone, locking up his elbow.  He also has very little use of his left hand because of the nerve damage.  His right leg is still in a cast from the knee down, and he has very little use and movement of this leg. 

Thursday, March 29, 2007 10:00PM
Finally.  Home from the hospital.  Back to normal (or at least getting closer to it). 

Dad got home from Rehab yesterday afternoon.  The entire family and a few friends came by to welcome him back home, and he was very happy to see everyone.  Sammy (his dog) literally jumped and howled for joy.  The grandkids were so happy to have their Pap Pap back home.  Gabe and Caleb showed him their new playset and ran around like it was Christmas all over again.  Abby showed him how she can walk now.

Things are definitely going to be a little different now that he's back home.  Dad had gotten used to being in the hospital, having the little red button he could push at any time, having a trained therapist telling him the easiest way to do things, having a nurse dose out his medication for him....Now he's going to have to rely more on himself to figure things out.  It wears him out having to do things with minimal help, but it also makes him stronger.  Mom is doing a great job and staying strong, helping out wherever she can.  Only time will tell how everything pans out.